Siemens SK65: Criss-Cross

Siemens sk65The Siemens SK65 looks like a blatant attempt to one-up Nokia’s form-factor defying 6820. And more power to them I reckon.

The Sk65 will apparently sport RIM’s BlackBerry software, which explains the need for the qwerty keyboard. I quite like these zany attempts at packing a full keyboard into a tiny phone, but I do wonder at the durability of these devices. Still, I doubt they’d release a consumer device without thoroughly torture-testing the swivel mechanism.

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  1. Mad as it may seem this is probably the most robust attempt at a keyboard/phone combo I’ve seen. Clamshell designs are only as good as their hinges and are easy to snap off if you’re innattentive. This rotating back design seems like a good idea imho.

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