Say Arrrrr! to Anti-Pirate Ads

BoingBoing links to a grassroots call-to-arm campaign to stand against the latest round of in-theatre MPAA anti-pirate ads. The simple solution: every day is Talk Like a Pirate day if you’re at the movies!


“So we took the ‘put an end to piracy’ portion of the Manny Perry ad and ran with it….. Imagine twenty coeds and their gentlemen friends standing in their seats hurling archaic curses and ‘ARRRRRRRR’s at the screen for the duration of the clip. Surprisingly, we drew chuckles, not Diet Cokes to the head, from our fellow patrons. Viva La Resistance!”


This is quite timely, considering it’s less than a month to International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Avast!

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  1. Has anyone seen any ads like this in NZ recently?
    We don’t have much opportunity for things like this 🙁

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