Witty Robot Fighting Title Here…

Fighting RobotsI can’t really add to this picture and story from the AP, it’s just fantastic and funny all by itself.


“For me, robots are for making people happy,” said Yusuke Sugawara, a 32-year-old engineer whose robot wore a fluffy wig and blew bubbles from a fake snorkel when people clapped. “Japanese people all love robots. Inside our hearts, we all want to make robots that we grew up watching on TV cartoons.”

Robo-One, begun four years ago to stimulate public interest in robots, is loosely based on K-1, a popular sport that combines elements of kickboxing, karate and taekwondo.

The Sixth Robo-One Contest during a recent weekend drew some 90 robots running on software developed by amateurs from across Japan and South Korea to a hall in Kawasaki, southwest of Tokyo.

Unlike human boxing matches, the corner crew in these contests struggles with battery changes and, in one case, vigorously flapped handheld paper fans to cool the motors lodged in the robot’s joints in between rounds.


I just hope that the winning robot yells ‘FATALITY’ when it kicks another robot off the table.
(via Engadget)

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