Open Source DAP

NeurosNeuros have pulled a rabbit out of their hat and announced that the firmware for their audio player. This is a pretty interesting move, and opens up all sorts of possibilities for the hard-drive based Neuros. The Neuros can broadcast and receive FM in its default configuration, and other than being a bit larger than current competitors, it is a pretty nice DAP.


For those of you new to the Neuros, we feel that the Neuros has a number of important advantages that makes it attractive to the OSS and developer communities generally:

A powerful hardware platform including a very capable TI DSP, FM Broadcasting and receiving, both flash and HD configurations (up to 80GB in capacity), a built in mic and line in, and of course, very high quality hw analog/digital converters for great sound. This hardware means that the potential of the device includes a host of possibilities: broadcasting features including wireless data transfer, a variety of new possible playback codecs, as well as all kinds of audio signal manipulation and other ?digital audio computer? functionality (just use your imagination). In addition to our already robust recording features, lossless codecs are possible as well. Not to mention that there are already four versions of open source synchronization software available for the PC on a variety of platforms.


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