Microsoft Voice Command in Boxes

Voice CommandI had a brief play with Voice Command on a Pocket PC, and I must say that if you disregard the intense embarassment of saying “Play Artist: Barry Manilow” in a bold voice, then it works really well. Voice command allows you to control the main apps on the Pocket PC (Contacts, Phone, Calendar, Media Player) with a simplified set of commands. My only gripe with the version that I used was that there was no provision for adding additional commands. I guess this is due to the limited CPU on the typical Pocket PC, that doesn’t provide enough grunt to learn new commands.


Microsoft is responding to increased consumer demand for Voice Command, formerly only available through online retailer Handango Inc., by offering the software through retail partners CompUSA Inc., Circuit City Stores Inc., Inc., Fry’s Electronics Inc., Micro Center, J&R Electronics Inc. and MobilePlanet Inc., and distributors Ingram Micro Inc. and Tech Data Corp.


There’s a full review of Voice Command over at Geekzone.

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  1. It’ll never catch on. Don’t you feel like a dick issuing stern commands to your PDA? Are the voices in your head jealous?

    Ah that reminds me of a bum that used to live around the corner from our place in San Jose. He used to wander the streets yelling abuse into an imaginary cell-phone. Prolly a dot-comer that fell on hard times eh?

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