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The SourceGreyworld, a group of ‘urban artists’, have unveiled an extremely cool installation in the atrium of the London Stock Exchange. The installation consists of 162 cables strung vertically in the eight-storey atrium. Each cable has nine spheres which can effectively act as 3d pixels. More correctly, the ‘pixels’ can move up and down their cable, and collectively they can create a 3d sculpture.

Examples of what the sculpture can do include spelling out words and numbers vertically, arranging themselves in the double-helix DNA structure, or moving up and down randomly in a pseudo-waterfall fashion. I’ll let the artists explain it a bit better:


Visitors to the atrium are greeted by this motion: its particles rising and falling, generating an infinite range of figurative and abstract shapes that rise, dissolve and reform at different heights in the atrium. The shape of the sun rising on a new day of trade, the names and positions of currently traded stocks, the DNA helix at the center of life ? formed by the work, and floating in the 32m void of the atrium.

This complex and sophisticated installation is a microcosm of activity, a living reflection of market forces. It is both solid and fluid, fixed and ephemeral, like the market it mirrors. The Source feeds on the ever changing markets – its form and motion are generated in real time from this data stream. Highly televisual, it makes a strong impact as the market opens, its solid form exploding upwards into the trends and eddies of the market itself. As a legible and accessible sculpture, it has captured the imagination of an international audience.


All I know is that it looks damn cool.

(via Engadget)

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