Fanboys Gone Mad

I posted a comment about GMail on slashdot recently. The main gist of the comment was that I was largely unimpressed with GMail, and saw it as at most a version 0.4-ish beta as opposed to the 0.9-ish that a lot of people seem to be raving about. One of the items I pointed out was that GMail’s current contacts list only allows you to record a contact’s name, email address, and some notes. This to me is a bad thing, because you can’t sort or search easily by address, phone, etc.

So some GMail fanboy responds with this gem:


you ever think to use the notes section for storing address, phone, etc? sheesh, just because they provide with something more flexible than a form with just address, phone, etc fields doesn’t mean you can’t use it like that if you want.


I’m sorry, what!? Since when did blatent lack of functionality get turned into an error on the user’s part? I say again: GMail is in beta, and it lacks a whole heap of functionality, including the ability to properly store contact information. I’d say that a ‘more flexible’ contact system would allow infinte phone numbers and infinite addresses, each labelled with a free-form label (e.g. home, work, etc.). Not some 500 character memo field.

I’m pretty impressed with Google’s marketing though. They’ve obviously become a Kevin Saatchi-esque “Love Mark” when they can influence a (probably) sane individual to come out with drivel like that.

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