Burnout 3 Anticipation

Burnout 3In gaming circles, there has recently been a ton of hype about the release of Doom 3. Rumour led to expectation, expectation to revelation, and then the moment of final release. Having stepped off the PC gamer’s upgrade treadmill some time ago, I watched the Doom 3 release with a strange amount of detatchment. Sure I was excited, but more in a sort of Tomb Raider-esque, 3rd-person excitement.

If you’d told me 2 years ago that not only would I be indifferent to the release of Doom 3, but that I would also be a hardcore XBox gamer, I would have pointed at my l33t gaming rig (complete with GeForce 3 and Athlon XP) and laughed in your face. So it is with some amazement that I admit today that the impending release of Burnout 3 is my own personal Doom 3.

For some reason, crashing cars is one of those sub-genres of video game that has existed since before time began. As long as there have been pixellated images of cars moving around on a screen, players have been ramming them into other pixels – moving and stationary. Saying that BO3 merely promotes crashing is like saying that the Pope is not entirely happy with abortion. Take this preview comment from Eurogamer:


Rack up 15 crashes and the game gives you the opportunity to set off the Crash Breaker, which is basically like hitting the button on a detonator. Not only does your car explode in a dramatic ball of flaming metal, but the chain reaction will cause everything within the vicinity to do the same. As if that wasn’t entertaining enough, the addition of an After Touch* facility allows you to add spin while your car is flying through the air, enabling you to make that last minute adjustments that sets off a huge chain reaction


That’s gotta be enough to make even the most poker-faced F1 simulator guru crumble. You know, those purist guys that pride themselves on driving the exact same line that Michael Schumacher drove in last night’s grand prix, and howl in terror if you so much as touch their car in an online race. I’ll take a bet that the guy with the ‘MichaelS’ XBox live gamertag will be the very same guy driving the wrong way round the track in Burnout 3 come release day.

*Last time I used after-touch it was for curving goal kicks in Fifa. This seems like a far more appropriate use!

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  1. Ah so Mr Ben. I vaguely recall espousing the virtues of console gaming to you and Phil years ago. There’s something to be said for a game you can just pop in and play without having to download and install patches 5 through 8.72 doncha think?

  2. Aye, and I love the fact that the developers have to do the work to improve the performance of console games (vis: Burnout 3 graphics pushing the limits of the PS2), as opposed to PC games where they seem to just churn out code for the latest and greatest revisions of PC graphics cards.

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