Archos Not Quite PDA

Archos Gmini reports that Archos have an official site up for their new not-quite PDA. They call it the Archos Gmini 400, and claim that it is actually a digital media player. However, if you inspect the specs, you’ll see that it basically does everything that a decent PDA does except for the personal assistant bit. It plays and records music, plays video, transfers files, displays images, plays games, and has a colour screen. Check out the Gmini’s big brother if you want a bigger screen and video recording.

Seriously though, these devices (digital media players, or DMPs) and PDAs are converging at such a blinding pace, that I’m starting to actually believe the Apple iPad rumours. Once you have a DMP with a big hard drive and a decent colour screen, adding the calendar and phonebook functions is a pretty small step, as has been proven already by enterprising iPod hackers.

When do we get to the point of some sort of all-in-one device that you carry with you? I’m talking about a DMP/PDA with a gigantic hard drive and seriously powerful CPU. Rather than synching with your desktop, this hypothetical device is your desktop. Given enough power and storage, all you would need is a USB/firewire and VGA port (until firewire monitors are invented) to turn this tiny powerhouse into a desktop PC. I’d be willing to take a reasonable bet that my not yet one year-old son will be toting some sort of super-converged device around in 20 years time.

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