Yahoo! buys Oddpost

Imagine my surprise when, after opening the Oddpost login page, I was assaulted with the logo of another, much larger, internet property.

Not entirely sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand, I’m very, very happy for the Oddpost guys. They definitely deserve this, both from a monetary as well as a kudos point of view. Friends will tell you that I’ve been a tireless advocate of Oddpost, and it has riled me in recent times that Gmail has been getting a ton of press about how fantastic their javascript based interface is: reviewers are oohing and aahing at the speed of the interface, mainly generated by locally caching data and using javascript to manipulate it. I’ve used Gmail recently, and to be quite frank, Oddpost blows them out of the water. So yeah, Oddpost definitely deserves recognition.

On the other hand, one of the reasons I love(d?) Oddpost was the quirkiness of these (originally) two guys, and their irreverent approach to workaday things like reporting bugfixes and features. Our recently deceased and Newfie, Casey, is even immortalised in Oddpost’s photo odyssey. I’m scared that this stuff will disappear with Oddpost being consumed – and there’s no other way to describe such a one-sided merger – by Yahoo. I hope not, but I can’t honestly see any other outcome.

One thing I am hoping will come from this event – and I’m positive it will, otherwise Yahoo is throwing money away – is the extension of Oddpost’s compatibility to include Firefox, Opera and any other standards-compliant browser. Oddpost only works in IE, mainly because that’s what 95% of users use, and also I assume because IE (previously) had the most functional implementation of dhtml/javascript. I’ve recently switched from IE to Firefox, and sincerely hope Oddpost make the switch as soon as possible.

Otherwise GMail is not looking so bad…

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  1. I’ve never liked Oddpost. I much prefer a well behaved webmail service like Oddpost also do odd things with their IMAP support. Their server allows flagging and mark for delete but their ‘web’ client doesn’t display messages these states properly.

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