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A new study has found that, thanks to the rise in gadgets like PDAs, mobile phones and laptops, it’s increasingly difficult for people to separate themselves from work. People who go on vacation often take their gadgets with them. 76% admit to checking their email while away, but that might just be to avoid having an overflowing email box when they return.


Interesting. In my case I find that the rise of gadgets makes it easier to separate myself from work. Perhaps this is because my ‘play’ involves blogging, email and the like. On breaks, or when I’m having lunch down at the local asian food hall, I can whip out my smartphone and check my personal email, or add a blog entry, or browse Bloglines.
I’m quite glad in fact that the security gnomes at my current workplace don’t allow external email access unless it is really required, which pretty much limits it to top-level executives (and the security gnomes themselves I guess).

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