Until recently, I had a Sony TV and video, and the video remote performed most of the TV functions, which enabled me to get by with three remotes: TV/Video, DVD, and satellite decoder. That was fine, until I won (yes, won – free) a nice new 29 inch Sharp television. So now there are four remotes, with a less frequently used stereo remote floating around for good measure.

I finally snapped and bought a universal remote. The One For All(R) 4 Digital has an ordinary name, and looks pretty boring, but by gods I can’t understand why I waited so long before buying it. After one night the remote control collection lies neglected on a shelf, and the OFA has pride of place on the (now spacious) coffee table.

Despite this, I doubt I could bring myself to drop US$700 on the Sony Navitus. The Navitus looks like the Maybach of universal remote controls. With features out the wazoo – not the least being the backlit 65k color LCD screen – one could imagine it easily stealing the limelight during a home-theatre showing of LoTR.

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