Sony 7 Megapixel DSC-P150

Sony DSC-P150Sony, ever the producers of uber-gadgets, have announced the release of a tiny 7 megapixel digital camera: the DSC-P150.


The P150 camera yields an image size of 3072 x 2304 ? making it the first pocketable camera capable of capturing enough pixels to make 300-dpi 8? x 10? enlargements.


Looks like this camera would be the perfect size for using the bottle-cap tripod below (which, as an aside, someone has managed to hack up a DIY version of).

Another benefit of a tiny camera is decent battery life. the P150 can shoot up to 310 shots per charge of the InfoLithium? battery. This is a world of difference to the 90-odd shots from the same battery that I get from my 5 megapixel DSC-V1.

Of course Sony is still battling away with their proprietary memorystick format. I will be entirely unsurprised if they come up with a proprietary image format some day, give their history with audio formats.

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