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Now that the bloggers and thinkers have had the weekend to think about Yahoo buying Oddpost, there are a couple of interesting comments coming out. Dana Blankenhorn wonders what this deal means for the IT market in general:


# If Oddpost is a clone of Outlook, how fast will Microsoft sue?
# If Oddpost is so great, why did its makers sell out so quickly and quietly?
# Does this mean the Tech IPO market isn’t as great as Google makes it out to be?


And on , a commentator points out the impact of Yahoo, GMail and the like rushing to implement desktop-like web applications. He argues that if they can manage to marginalise desktop Outlook (a bit of a long shot in my view), then it creates a wedge for “good-enough alternatives to Word, Excel and Powerpoint to muscle their way in”:


So Microsoft now faces a crucial decision. Does the company do likewise and bring out a rich-client interface for Hotmail so that its web-based email service begins to rival Gmail, Oddpost and, by implication, Outlook in functionality? Or does it continue to bury its head in the sand and put all its efforts into ensuring it delivers an all-new Windows architecture to a declining pool of desktop loyalists?


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  1. A lot of smaller tech companies are created with the sole focus of building tech decent enough and popular enough that a larger company acquires them and the founding partners can cash out of millions or tens of millions of bucks and retire young. This is the stated aim of the last two Palm companies I’ve worked for…

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