OGG Vorbis Ringtones

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The Ogg Vorbis Controller is a plugin for Symbian’s Multimedia Framework that allows that decoding and playing back of Ogg Vorbis compressed audio files. It allows any application which uses the multimedia framework to play back these files. It has been tested on a Nokia 6600, but should work on any device that uses version 2.0 (or higher) of the Series 60 platform.


Very nice. This means that any Ogg Vorbis encoded files can be used as ringtones on my 6600.
I’m a big fan of Ogg Vorbis encoding after doing some subjective tests of quality against mp3 and wma files. I suppose sound quality for ringtones is not a big deal, but using Ogg means that the ringtone files should end up a bit smaller than mp3s, which is a bonus on memory-limited devices.

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