Nintendo DS Final Design

Nintendo DSNintendo have unveiled the final design of their new handheld console, the Nintendo DS. Mucho complaining ensued after the DS was revealed at E3 because people reckoned it was ugly. I felt the original design was a sly wink at the original “Game’n’Watch” designs.

Still, in order to compete with Sony’s PSP in the good-looks department, Nintendo needed to sharpen up the look of the DS. You can see from the pic that they certainly have done that. A side effect is that it also looks a little bit less like a makeup compact than the GBA SP did. More images here.

(via Eurogamer)

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  1. Ah takes me back to my youth that does. Damned shame the case isn’t a dusty orange shade though.

  2. This thing is tite it,s cheaper than the psp i am certainly goin to get it at the TownEast mall in Dallas,Texas maybe i will see more kids buying it!!!!!!!!!I am hoping the DS has Tony Hawk Underground 2 if you have any info E-mail me at By Now e-mail me somtime

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