Java 1.5.0 Now Officially Java 5.0

Well, kinda. Not Java5(tm) as such, actually Java2(tm), version 5.0.

I find this pretty silly. Java 1.2 became Java 2 because there were significant changes in a lot of areas of the language (inner classes, event handling, etc.). But then there was no Java 2 v1.1, because that would be too confusing, so we had Java 2 versions 1.3, 1.4 and were just getting used to the idea of version 1.5 – no probs.

I can’t see how Java 2 version 5 is any more exciting than version 1.5. This seems like a marketing exercise, but they are marketing (primarily) to developers, who can see straight through it and will be more interested in the features and enhancements than a version number. Even those that are blinded by a big number will probably ask their development team what the new features are anyway!

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