Asus A730 Released

A730Asus launched the MyPal A730 in Taiwan yesterday. The A730 is probably one of the most kitted-out Pocket PCs available. Check out these stats:

  • XScale 520MHz PXA270 processor
  • Integrated 1.3 Megapixel camera
  • Integrated IR, WiFi 802.11b and Bluetooth
  • 3.7 inch 480×640 screen
  • CompactFlash and SDIO slots

Pretty amazing, considering that up until now most Pocket PCs had either a CF or SDIO slot, and users wanting all of the above features would likely need to use that slot to add a camera or WiFi card.

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  1. Asus claim 9 hours. I’d imagine that is with the backlight on minimum (or probably off), and no BT or WiFi. In my experience most PPCs realistically get about 4 hours of use with occasional BT and WiFi.

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