The new car has an in-dash CD player. I’m not a huge fan of in-boot CD changers, because I find one tends to listen to the same six CDs for months on end, forever thinking “I must change those CDs next time I get in the car…”. With the single in-dash player, I find myself listening to a much more eclectic mix of music.

So it was that I grabbed Siamese Dream this morning and stuck it on shuffle.

That CD has to be among my top 4 or 5 CDs of all time. Listening to it on shuffle is like watching an epic fireworks display. ‘Geek USA’ (oooh!), ‘Mayonnaise’ (aaah!), and ‘Cherub Rock’ (Wow!!) are like the prelude; lots of sparks and starbursts, one after another, assailing one’s senses. Then BOOM! a huge starburst (‘Disarm’), and as the smoke clears, the opening bars of ‘Today’ begin like the sparkling trail of a starburst as it rises through the sky….you cringe, then WHAMMO! It explodes like one of those huge bloody purple ones that are so big that their lower extremeties seem to touch the ground.

I kept turning up the volume until finally the car stereo started complaining, then fought the urge to pull into the nearest auto sound shop to buy a big amp and a pair of Cerwin Vega six-by-nines. The Pumpkin’s power chords are so huge that it’s a wonder they didn’t got through a set of guitar strings per song. I have this mental image of the lead guitarist starting with his pick waaay above his head, then crashing the chord out in a shower of sparks 🙂

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  1. Jesus! Did you just capture the Smazza Pazza in actual WORDS?
    I’ve been planning to do this for years but was always too afraid of what would come out…

    Blimmin’ nicely done, you loon.

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