I’ve (possibly temporarily) changed by photo blogging host from Mobog to Buzznet. I got a new GSM phone, and in New Zealand this also means a new number (because I’ve switched carriers). This in turn buggers up my mobog account, because the phone number is obviously used as a unique ID so that the photos turn up in the right place.

Buzznet’s syndicated output is much cleaner (no image tags etc), but they only allow 10 images per day. I doubt I’ll use that many, but I did hit the limit when I was trying to transfer my best/favourite images from Mobog. Also, it appears Buzznet are planning to start charging for services soon. One upside is that you can use plain old desktop email in addition to MMS from your phone to post to Buzznet.

For the gadget freaks, the phone is a Nokia 6600. Quite nice really; it has a Symbian operating system so one can download various applications to it. Mainly I’ve become annoyed at carting a phone and a PDA everywhere, so the alternative was to find the most PDA-like phone available (for a reasonable price). The Sony-Ericsson P900 was the ultimate, but that was ruled out due to price. Plus the fact that I don’t like the almost-PDA phones, because they seem too big for a phone. The 6600 is a good alternative I reckon. Pretty happy with it so far: perfect as a phone, adequate as a PDA.

I think just need to get over my versatility hang-up. I feel like I need a full-power PDA ‘just in case’, but I end up finding that I just use the calendar and the occasional email 99.8% of the time. We’ll see how the 6600 serves this purpose.

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