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Please excuse me while I attempt to resume normal transmission.

I’m hacking around replacing MovableType with WordPress at the moment, mainly because MT have decided to start charging for their new version. A lot of people (who generally are much more informed than me) have had a lot of things to say about that, so I won’t bother going over it.

Don’t worry Stu, MT is still running fine, I’ve just stuck a permanent redirect from my old blog page to this one. One downside of WordPress is that one can’t have multiple blogs running off a single installation. Still, I think we should be able to just make a copy of my install directory, change a few parameters, and re-run the database install script.

Either that, or we could merge the two blogs into one, and edit htaccess to use Apache’s mod_rewite to redirect /stu to posts by you, and /ben to posts by me? WordPress uses that method for its permalinks anyway. Kind cool actually, everything is rendered using index.php, but Apache uses rule in .htaccess to rewrite URLs into parameter strings. Seems more elegant than MT’s method of ‘rebuilding’ from the database into static files.

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  1. You can have multiple blogs using one database, but as you said, right now you must have a separate install for each blog. All you need to do, is have the wp-config.php file changed for each blog. You would use the same user name, database name and password, but you would set the table prefix to something unique. The default is wp_, so you could have blog1_, blog2_, blog3_ etc. Yeah, three installs, but only one database. In time, multiple blogs will be addressed.
    Have fun with WordPress, and don’t be shy about adding your comments or suggestions at the support forum!

  2. Hey thanks Craig – much appreciated.
    Thinking about it, this would still be more efficient than MT’s method of storing static archive files for each blog anyway!

  3. Holy geektalk, bro! I thought I was somewhat up with the codemonkey vernacular, but you lost me completely there. Still, it is Monday, and a shocker of a Monday at that. I blame yesterday’s genuine Basque Chorizo and Rioja Festival. And the heat. Probably the Gummint too. And Them — you know how They always ruin it for the man on the street. And I’m not even in the street.

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