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So I got a new job. Or more correctly, I got a job. After contracting for a year or so I’ve signed up for a full-time role with BT Funds Management. I’m really excited about this, and am quite keen to have my own desk again.

Seems like a great bunch of people at BT. I did a quick office tour on Friday and didn’t see one tie or power suit. Fairly unusual for a financial firm.

The official title for the role is “Senior Analyst/Programmer”, but as far as I can make out, it’s just basically working out what needs doing/fixing and coding up a solution. Should be fun.

The job search was a very up-and-down affair. At one stage I had three offers, but one of those (with Telecom) ended up being unavailable. I only discovered this fact after bypassing the HR guy and finding out that I should have been notified days ago that the job was not available. Nice.

The other offer was with Sovereign. Looked like a good role also, but it was based in Takapuna, which would entail commuting over Auckland’s harbour bridge. As much as I don’t mind driving, and extra 15 minutes minimum each way adds up to a heck of a lot of non-Ollie time.

So after much umming and ahhing and mulling over all the options, I made the BT call. The acid test was waking up the day after the decision and feeling really, really good about it. I had had some conflicting advice about the environment at BT, but I think in the end it really comes down to a personal gut-feel thing. Besides, employess who have recently left a company are not the best people to ask about the environment.

So yeah. Starting Monday week. I always like starting at a new place… finding who does what, and fitting each person into those corporate stereotypes.

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