Who was the person that made the call (several years ago now) to remove the placenames from the TV weather maps? Nowadays at best you get a disassociated dot on the map and a list of placenames, or at worst a super-duper 3D flyby with hovering placenames bearing little or no relation to the actual position of the place they are naming.

I’m not sure how they labelled the locations ‘back in the day’, but I do remember that it was clear what went where. I also clearly remember the fact that when we started doing mapping stuff in Social Studies, I already new the locations of all the major centres and could place them on a map in front of the class.

3D animation and newfangled TV graphics are great, but please, if you know someone who does TV weather graphics, tell them to at least have a pointer to the actual named location.

Please won’t someone think of the children?

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  1. It’s a load of bollocks anyway Bennum. We live on a thin strip of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and most of our weather is second hand from Aussie anyway.

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