Crying shame

I don’t make a habit of posting about current events, mainly because I’m more of an observer than a commentator. Or perhaps I just can’t be shagged doing all the research. Having said that, even this apathetic blogger can’t remain silent while watching the shit that is currently going down in Iraq.

The nasty thing about the kidnapping of civilians, is that just after the feeling of horror and sorrow, my instinctive response is something like “why didn’t they think of it earlier?”. The odds are so heavily weighted in favour of the USA, that traditional methods of resistance are useless. It’s no different to my thoughts about Israel/Palestine. I hate the fact that my response to suicide bombings is not “shit that is horrific”, but rather “the poor buggers, being forced to resort to that”.

And then I stop, look around my comfortable living room, at my wife, my child, my car, my house, my cat. I think about some guy my age in Iraq with a gun, and I try not to cry.

It just seems like a total unadulterated cock-up. The Iraqis can’t not resist (put yourself in their place), but at the same time the USA* can’t walk away after creating such a mess in the first place. It just ends up being a nasty, bloody checkmate. Except one side only has pawns, while the other has two ranks of queens. Queens with ruddy great 6-inch cannons on the top.

How incredibly rude and condescending of the USA to ‘allow’ women and children to leave Fallujah. I wonder if the current Iraqi response has something to do with being given ‘permission’ to do whatever they want in their own country? And poor old whitey thinks having some ‘mahree’ telling him to respect the beach is bad?

What makes me curious, is that everyone saw this coming. If commentators and laypeople can see the Iraqi invasion ending horribly for everyone then surely the people behind the decision, with all their intel and research, could see the same thing? They saw this possibility and still they invaded. I can only presume that they did some highly scientific analysis (I’m seeing a sheet of paper divided into “Pros” and “Cons” with “Invade Iraq?” scribbled in ballpoint at the top), and decided that the possiblity of mayhem and bloodshed was outweighed by Halliburton’s market capitalisation or some shit.

Rant over. Tomorrow I’m going to finish the deck that I started 9 months ago. Juat a few bits around the edge to patch.

*I hate the use of “Americans” to denote the USA. I’m sure there are a bunch of coutries in both North and South America that feel the same way.

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  1. I’ve given up on watching international news. It just depresses me too much. The US has created a rod for their own backs as far as I’m concerned. I suspect the second President Bush will be (in)famous for many generations to come.

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