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  1. Pacifika! It’s a representation of waves crashing on our tropical shores. Sculpted in your hair.

  2. Nah…clearly the hairdresser was an Australian, using Ben’s hair to pay a stealthy tribute to the Seedney Opera House.

    By the way, which is the Before and which is the After?

  3. Oh haha! Yes let’s make jokes at Ben’s expense.

    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

    They are in chronological order left-to-right 😛

  4. That’ll be five dollars each for me and Stu, then, thanks very much 😛

    Actually we loves you because you’re beautiful.


    As a recently excommunicated member of the Inner Circle of professional persuaders, I can at last tell you the truth: Toni& Guy have been sculpting hair into subliminal ampersands for more than a few years now…

  6. Oooh yeah, that’s freaky… if you look at the Before photo in a mirror, that fringe bit definitely spells “Yug & Inot.”

    And then, oh man, now I see it I can’t NOT see it: the fringe in the After photo, like, if you read it backwards in the mirror, says….

    “I paid fifty bucks for THIS?”

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