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I gots me a new phone. It has a camera on it and everything. Very snazzy.

What annoys me however, is that I can’t post an image from it directly to the phlog. Sure, I can send a picture to any email address, but damned if Telecom don’t go and embed the picture amongst some nasty HTML, and don’t even provide a plain-text content-type with the message. Poor old MFOP couldn’t find the picture amongst all that crap if it tried.

What is it with technology these days? Why can’t people just use the existing protocols available and send the picture as a simple attachment to an email? Do we really need to be hand-held through the process of receiving an godsdamned jpeg file? I mean do we?

So yeah, I’ve sent a query to the lovely man at MFOP to see if this is a common problem and whether there is any way around it. At the moment I have to send the image to my personal email address, then reformat the message and send it on to the MFOP address 🙁 crap.

Young Oliver is rocking along with his bad self. Everything is comedy these days, even, it would seem, my deep voice. I got home today and said hello and allowed as to how I had spent quite a pleasant day at work programming UI stuff. He giggled so hard that he gave himself the hiccups. Go figure. I think it was perhaps the different voice and face after spending the day with his mum.

Poor wee guy also had a touch of reflux apparently. He had started grizzling when feeding, which developed over the past couple of weeks into full-on ‘get that bloody alien probe out of my mouth’ screaming fits when we tried to feed him from the bottle. A quick trip to the doctor, who suggested switching to a thickened, semi-jellied, antacid-laced formula, and bingo – back to the normal good-natured lad.

In other news from the gadget front, I’ve switched back to the PocketPC camp (from Palm). I’ve undertaken this swing twice now. My reasons this time are twofold:
1. PPC devices with built in wifi, bluetooth and SDIO are currently better value than their Palm counterparts; and
2. I am a self-confessed C-phobic. I just can’t do it.

It may be due to my upbringing on higher-level languages like Java and VB, but I just can’t seem to get my head around C and C-alikes. So, given that Windows Mobile 2003 comes bundled with the .NET compact framework, the intellectual inertia required to develop for the platform is much lower. Cop out? Maybe.

There’s a third reason, but it’s a bit more tenuous. I’ve read a wee bit about Palm OS6 (aka ‘Cobalt’) and am sadly disappointed to read that it is not a truly multitasking OS. Returning to PocketPC has been a refreshing reminder that multitasking on a pocket device is not actually a waste of time. Maybe it’s just me, but often (usually about 5 minutes before bed) I remember that I need to sync my PPC because I have nothing to read (yes, I read offline copies of blogs, Wired and Slashdot in bed…). With PPC I can sync the device and at the same time add or review any reminders for the next day. It’s just one example, but I have come across several others where not ‘sleeping’ a background task is very usefull (wardriving anyone?).

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  1. Higher level languages like VB? Funny man make me laugh. And what have you been reading about Cobalt? It certainly is multi-threaded. You just like buying gadgets from TradeMe Bennum. Admit it.

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