Melting Moments

Ahhh. Riiiight. I get it.

Lately things have been getting into a bit of a routine. This is not a bad thing, but it does make Ollie seem more like some sort of symbiote or parasite, rather than a little guy. Nappy, feed, nappy, play, sleep, nappy, feed, nappy, play, sleep. Not much to it, but not much out of it either. Nothing I couldn’t handle but not quite the happy, singing bunnies frolicking through a meadow that I had been lead to believe it would be.

And then it happened. Mum was warming a “here’s one I prepared earlier” bottle, so I grabbed Ollie off her, and did my usual “Hah-loooow” in a silly high-pitched voice. He looked at me with his “what the hell planet are you from mate?” look, but then seemed to catch himself. He hesitated, then he broke out in this huuuge grin. I’m talking whopper. There was no mistaking this for the slightly-upturned-oops-I’ve-just-filled-my-pants expression. This was a no-holds-barred, I’m having a cracker of a time, and you’re the reason why smiley face.

Finally this little pooing, eating and sleeping thing had turned into a little person. Oh yeah, I thought he was great fun before, but it’s just that everything has a new dimension now. It’s no longer “hrrm, I wonder if he’s comfortable, or bored, or hungry?” Now there is definitely one particular expression that has a meaning, and a short instant of two-way communication.

“I’m happy, and I want to tell the world about it.” You go little guy!

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  1. Heh I remember that feeling too…it rocks when your little milk tick actually starts responding to stimuli that aren’t bottle or ass related :).

    Dang I haven’t seen Oliver in a while…we’ll definitely have to get together soonish!

  2. Wait till they get to be 5, stick their tounge out at you, run into the dining room curl up in a ball next to the locked door that leads out to the garden and scream in a fit of tears at you that they want their mother….

    All this because you didn’t think they should be munching out on a packet of chocolate biscuits that they uplifted from the kitchen and its 5 or 10 minutes prior to dinner…..

    Cynical? Me?

    Although I do fondly remember playing upsy downsys flying games at the age of 3 or 4 months that produced much vocalised laughter and enjoyment that was followed up by an even more entertaining moment of vomiting up dinner all over their mother.

    ah memories….. 🙂

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