https://i1.wp.com/www.ben.geek.nz/blog/images/DSC00475-thumb.JPG?resize=150%2C200 After six weeks or so without a slope glider, I finally broke down and bought a shiny new Jazz 60.  The Jazz is a flying wing design, and the 60 indicates that it has a wingspan of 60 inches, or around 1.5 metres. The particular version I grabbed is a ‘DS Special’, specifically designed for dynamic soaring with heavier EPP material and carbon-fibre spars.

With help from the cat, I’ve started building the Jazz 60. The first modification I have made is to install a secondary spar running across the wing behind the main spar. This should help to spread any ‘folding’ loads and also reduce any tendency to split the wing at the rear of the join, which I have been told can be a problem when performing cartwheeling landings at high speed, which should be a regular occurence given my DS skills…

I’ve also started playing with micro balloons. No, not small party favours, but really, really tiny balloons that you mix with epoxy to create a lightweight filler. That’s the white lumpy stuff you see covering the spars in the photos (I’ll sand it smooth later). The micro balloons look like baking powder, but weigh pretty much nothing. When I grabbed the pot of micro balloons from the shelf, I was pretty sure it was empty – it literally felt like it weighed no more than the pot itself.

In other RC news, I’ve been selling things like mad on Trademe, and taking advantage of the weak US dollar, all in aid of a shiny new Futaba 9CAP.  I’ve always been a keen advocate of the buttons/manhood correlation with radio control transmitters, and by god no one will be questioning my masculinity when I cart this baby up the mountain! 😉

And in the latest Ollie update, we’re still rocking along on this ‘parenting’ lark. The little guy is putting on weight and is sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night. It’ll be four weeks on Tuesday, and things are starting to become startlingly easy. Our most troubling episode is currently a reasonable-sized boil on the poor guys botty. I’d post a photo, but that would be taking things a little too far perhaps?

We’re also a little worried about his tendency to let loose with a ‘seig heil’ Hitler salute when he wakes up in the mornings. Not sure where that is coming from, but I’m hoping it’s just random, like the little headbuts when I’m trying to burp him. I swear he’s going to split my lip one day!

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  1. Yah Callum has taking to saluting the Third Reich as well, although with a closed fist thankfully. Ellen tells me it’s something to do with him gaining control over his arms. Possibly he’s just discovered he’s got elbows. Tricky stuff eh? C is actually starting to peer intently at his limbs with a perplexed look on his face. Still a good 30 minutes of staring examination of his left foot keeps him nice and quiet anyway :).

  2. Yeah, what is it about babies and fascist leaders? Busytot used to do the spookiest Rob Muldoon face, usually right after he’d finished a feed and I was feeling all lovey-dovey, then I’d look down and he’d be going “Eh-eh-heh-heh.” Freakout! For about the first month he also did a dead-on impersonation of the Pope: something about the white skullcap, white nightie, hunched shoulders, and the way he’d wring his little hands while muttering the Latin Mass. It was uncanny.

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