Take a look at that latest picture -> (the shot of the instruction manual thingy).

This is an excerpt from the ‘Safe Rule’ instructions for a micro radio-controlled stunt car thingy. I have reproduced it here for your amusement. The reproduction is deadly accurate, and all punctuation and grammar should be considered as [sic]!

  1. prohibition against 3 years old below of child usage
  2. play attention, you of finger, hair, clothes…etc, don’t touch and car wheel, in order to prevent quilt harm;
  3. car while ddving not want to by hand grasp it;
  4. don’t let the remote control close to any fire with car odginal;( such as electric stove, stove beside or mightiness of sunlight bottom)
  5. not want the place in danger to play;( such as street, steep slope…etc.)
  6. don’t let the wet water of car, and not want under the rainy day is open-air usage;
  7. not want on the sand ground to play;
  8. forbid the child to tear open the remote control with the car;
  9. if the car dashed to piecesed[yes, sic, like I said], and should pass by the per son[do you have to ask?] check or profession personnel maintain the rear can continue to use.

So I have a couple of comments…
– What is ‘quilt harm’, and why would I be playing with it on my bed anyway!?
– I’m scared of the mightiness of sunlight bottom. I mean, it must be much worse than stove beside.
– Awwww, but I want on the sand ground to play, godammit!
– “forbid the child to tear open the remote control with the car”. Absolutely, hand the little tyke a hammer or something more useful instead.

And in case the little thing runs out of batteries, don’t worry, help is at hand: “Note: If the car soon become slow, not easy and vacillating, just electric power lack, need to be refreshed.” Phew, just electric power lack… I was worried maybe the mightiness of sunlight bottom had been nearby…

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