Propulsion lawn kinda got away on me while we were busy popping Ollie out, so as a bit of a new father’s present, I hired a big nasty self-propelled mower for half a day. What a beast!

Ollie is slowly getting more alert. He was a week old at 9:40pm last night, and seemed to get a bit offended when we tried to make him sleep through the big event. Nothing that a bit of breastmilk gorging and burping couldn’t fix though. After that he hit the sack and slept like a champion until about 4:30am.

Things are still feeling uncannily ordinary. My main concern at the moment is that Mum is totally shattered. It’s almost like she’s been running on an oily rag up until now, and now that her body is 95% recovered from the surgery, her brain is finally saying “right, now I can go back to normal mode and geee-zus girl, you are tired!” It’s times like this that Ollie seems more like a parasite than a little guy. He seems perfectly attuned to extracting maximum benefit from his host, but leaving her with just enough energy to stay alive, and not annoying her enough to threaten his own wellbeing 🙂

I’m planning on heading back into work for a few hours tomorrow, but as a contractor, that’s pretty much par for the course. I’ll see what I can do about doing more programming at home for a wee while – at least until the new year.

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