When did it suddenly become Christmas Eve? And why did no one warn me?

I guess the whole baby thing has compressed the last two weeks into something of a blur. I don’t want to sound like one of those depressing “but we’re muddling along” Christmas letters, but it has been a heck of a couple of weeks.

We’re still riding on a cushion of Ollie goodness. He’s sleeping anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a night, and is an absolute darling excepting for a couple of hours a night around 6 or 7 pm. I understand among existing parents this is called either the ‘witching hour’ or the ‘arsenic hour’, so nothing to worry about there.

So yeah, nothing wrong with Ollie, but poor old New Mum ended up with a bladder infection about a week after birth. Antibiotics kicked that one for touch, and then soon after that I came down with some sort of 7th-dimension-of-hell, both-ends special, 36-hour stomach virus. Total doozy. Thankfully I got over that one before New Mum caught hers. So we took turns for five or six days minding baby and cleaning the bathroom while the other lay drugged up and moaning and sweating* in bed. It’s times like those that you really, really appreciate having family around to help.

We did manage to get out and about today which was a real reality check. There is something kinda weird about seeing the world in a normal way again after two weeks of total internal focus. Even when I popped into work for a few hours or ran down to the shops, my mind was totally on mum and Ollie. Today we went shopping. Totally not a big deal, which once again, is a big deal. Apart from the semi-articulated, aircraft aluminium, air-suspension baby transportification device (pram), the shopping was just like normal… also excepting the venture down the baby supplies aisle.

Seeing other people going about their regular Christmas Eve insanity, smelling the sea breeze, and buying peanut butter somehow gave the whole baby thing an additional degree of reality. Once again I was stunned by the fact that there I was pushing a pram, grinning from ear to ear, and feeling totally normal.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get out to fly any RC airplanes for ages. After the demise of my Eraser, I haven’t done any sloping, and the Auckland weather has been rather unkind on the wind front. Great for sloping, but no good for my current electric plane. the upside I did discover that I can fly the slowstick in the back yard! I made some adjustments to the tail structure – adding carbon fibre rods for strengthening, attaching the vertical stabliliser to the horizontal one. The whole tail structure is now a whole lot stiffer, which makes the plane a lot more responsive. Testing the responsiveness involved a couple of quick laps of the back yard. There were a couple of heart-in-throat moments around the big trees, but she came out unscathed.

*I mispelt that as swearing, which is equally appropriate

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  1. Over here we call it “cocktail hour.” Cheers! And if you time it right even the nursing mum can manage a half glass of wine.

    Glad you survived the lurgy, and the shopping… Merry Christmas!

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