..signed, sealed, delivered…

In the famous words of Aretha:
Here I am baby. Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!

Yup, I’ve shifted over from the old site to here. This site is using Moveable Type, which makes updating and adding entries a whole pile easier.

I’ve added the last entry to this site to get a bit of continuity.

I’ve gotta say, MT is a pretty kick-arse utility, but the default stylesheet was pretty darn ugly. Thankfully, one of the seriously cool things about MT is that the display is totally template-ised, so I am able to just tweak the stylesheet to change the look and feel.

Dunno, perhaps it’s just my phobia of serifs? I’ve done my best to tart it up a bit, and hopefully it’ll slowly get better over the next wee while.

stay tuned…

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