Aggrieved by the loss of my Eraser, I embarked upon the building of yet another radio controlled aircraft. Things have changed since my previous modelling attempts: mortgage, impending baby, moving from salary to slavery contract…

Cue the Mugi.

After much searching and being told that the stuff was no longer manufactured, I managed to find the specified 2mm Correx board from ModelCopter.

The entire thing took about 3 hours to build. There are about 10 cuts to make, plus a couple of folds. The servos are simply zip-tied onto the Correx, and the wing shape forms naturally from the curve of the board.

Here’s the finished product. Yes, that is my hairy, manly arm in the photo…

Not sure how she flies yet. I’ve made a couple of test chucks in the back yard, and it seems to fly. Very, very twitchy, but that’s par for the course for flying wings.

Speaking of the lost Eraser… if by some small chance of fate someone stumbles across a plane that looks like this, only with a yellow wing and a blue body, please contact me! She has a Futaba PCM receiver, two servos labelled “HS81” in the wings, and a “S3003” servo in the body.

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  1. Oh god Ben the guilt! The guilt! The fact you don’t actually mention that it was myself that was responsible for the loss of your plane just adds another vicious paper cut of guilt.

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