Caption Competition

I think this screen grab deserves a caption competition.


The parties are, from left to right: Tee Twyford, unnamed girl, me, Paul Henry, Alison Mau (back to camera) and I believe Francesca Rudkin and child. You can click through for a video with context.

Best caption in the comments below gets a 10-pack of Hotteeze heat pads.

Screen grab courtesy of @sponno.


  1. Paul: “Once in Royal Daaaaaaaaaaaar”

  2. Jingle bells! No Ali, that was an instruction.

  3. TVNZ’s Breakfast: appealing to half our viewers since 2008.

  4. Paul: Where did you get those red fluffy puppies from!? ’cause i want to get me some for christmas!
    Ali: I am pretty sure you already have a couple of your own under that suit

  5. Fresh from therapy after stealing christmas year on year, the grinch’s new approach really took everyone by surprise.

  6. “I said show me more, not Mau!”

  7. For boobs, even this asshole will STFU.

  8. My wife rang me at work to tell me my 7yo son was sad. When I asked why she told me he didn’t see the Santakini. (true, not a caption entry)

  9. This is what I had for breakfast!

  10. Lovely Christmas decorations

  11. “Oh no Mrs Santa has forgot to put her under Claus on.”

  12. See Paul, even my boobs aren’t as big as your on-screen ones!

  13. ZOMG! Puppies!1!!!!!

  14. The mainstream media are in town- lock up your children.

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