Beatles Rock Band Review

Beatles Rock Band GameplayThis is going to be fairly easy, so I’ll give it in bullet points:

  • Everything I said about the original Rock Band remains unchanged.
  • Beatles Rock Band is visually gorgeous. The progression of the boys’ straight-up suits through to shaggy psychedelia is perfectly reflected in the game.
  • My 62 year old mum, who has probably never touched a computer game before, was singing along enthusiastically while my 5 year old played bass and I played drums. Name me another game that three generations of family can enjoy at the same time.

Buy it.

The End.


  1. buzz? singstar? does look very intresting and a must have for beatle fans

  2. Wait, how many Stars was that? What’s your final score out of 100?

  3. lol, nice comprehensive review! 😛

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